My name is Jared T. Ross

I do a lot of things but I specialize in helping people navigate, profit, and build in the "metaverse," with an emphasis on NFTs. Over the past 1.5 years, I've done hundreds of consultations, built The NFT Equation course with over 400 students, and lectured on NFTs at the University of San Francisco.

Independent Of The Year
Annual Awards 2020 •

My favourite clients

The College Dropout

I attended the University of San Francisco with a major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Despite building an immaculate reputation on campus, including boxing club, hosting events, public speaking, a 3.95 GPA, creating jobs, and being the first student to join the Alumni Board of Directors...I realized I could maximize my potential by retiring (dropping out) and focusing on the evolving concept of "the metaverse."

So that's what I did.
And it's worked out pretty well so far.


Everyone you ask will give you a different definition or understanding of what the metaverse is. Right now, it's an incredibly vague concept that most entities are using as a marketing ploy. Personally, I define the metaverse as an interconnected web of a variety of technologies including the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, VR, AR, and, as most people understand the metaverse, immersive virtual worlds and gaming.


I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

I’ve served 130 million users worldwide.

The Vision

I've decided I'm going to become a Billionaire Entrepreneur Philanthropist and this org chart is a glimpse into some of the areas I plan to impact / operate in.

Some core tenets and philosophies I live by

Design that solves problems, one product at a time.

Design Strategy

I'll help you solve complex business problems through simple, user-friendly design. Leverage the power of design research to grow.

Website design

I'll design websites that inspire users to engage with your product and take action, through conversion research and strategy.

UI/UX design

I'll craft stunning user experiences and interfaces that reduce the time to value and help your customers get their jobs done.

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Feel free to get in touch with me about speaking events, partnerships, questions, or anything else on your mind.

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